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Julia Ty Goldberg

actor • director • writer • musician 

equity membership candidate (EMC)

A Los Angeles native, Julia Ty Goldberg is ​a multidisciplinary artist who refuses to be pigeon-holed because it sounds dirty. As an actor and director, she seeks inspiration from history, music, design, and comedy to inform her storytelling, and loves helping in the development of new work.

Favorite roles include Jessica in Sarah B. Mantell’s Everything That Never Happened, Beth in comedy web series Upended, and Tevye, the Dairy Man in Fiddler on the Roof (she was twelve, though she hopes to one day revive the role). Julia is currently the Director of Photography for the viral YouTube program Recess Therapy

In her free time, Julia enjoys singing along to her mandolin—a meme of an instrument she's been told—drawing, and listening to Ira Glass croon This American Life.  She now lives in Brooklyn with her cat and her friends, and seeks to support and uplift her community wherever this wacky world and industry may take her.

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